Ook in het Engels gaan schrijven?! (English version included)❤

(English version at the bottom❤🍒)

Hallo allemaal!

Vandaag wilde ik jullie iets vragen: moet ik af en toe ook artikelen in het Engels gaan schrijven? 

Ik heb nu al een aantal keren de vraag gekregen of ik dit zou willen doen zodat meerdere mensen mijn blogs konden lezen.

Ik heb hier over nagedacht en kwam tot de conclusie dat ik het als eerste aan jullie wilde vragen! Jullie zijn immers mijn lieve en trouwe lezers❤.

Je kunt een reactie achterlaten met ‘ja’ of ‘nee’.

(⬇English version⬇)

Hello there!

Today I want to ask you something: should I write some of my articles in English?

A few times readers asked me to do it. More people coul read my posts if I would do it.

I tought about it and made my mind up: I would ask it to my lovely readers, because I love you all❤!

You can leave a comment ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

I hope to see you around my blog soon and I hope to take a wise decision!

Thank you all for voting, reading and all the comments!

Love you all❤🍒




  1. We hebben Google translate en G transLate ik gebruik G Translate maar uit ervaring is nu gebleken dat ze dat niet gebruiken , raar vertalingen vandaar. Ik doe ook Engels en Nederlands. ENG: I use G Translate but The readers don’t like it because it sounds stupid at times lol. So I write in Dutch and english as My fans from fb etc are world wide. Xx

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  2. Thank you for finding and following my blog! I think it would be wonderful if you wrote some of your blogs in English but only as long as that brings you joy. If it ceases to be enjoyable for you, don’t feel obligated to do it. I admire you for being able to write so well in a language not your own.

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  3. I have a similar problem because my language, Hebrew, I almost unknown in the world at large. I chose to write in English in order to communicate with more people. In the process, I found many more friends, from different countries and different ways of life, with whom I was able to communicate. But it was somewhat awkward for my fellow citizens. It’s a difficult situation. I wish you success and enjoyable blogging.

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    1. I didnt put up followers but subscribers button (5000 +) I have world wide subscribers but i Write both Dutch and English on insta too long now! Maybe i should get follow button on website! Only 2 here lol!

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  4. Heel af en toe krijg ik engelstalige comments. Hoe dat te verklaren is…mogelijk met die Google translate. Ik overweeg ook al eens om eveneens in het Engels te bloggen doch sommige posts zijn dan weer zo uitgebreid dat ik weer twijfel. Leuk idee om deze vraag aan jouw lezers voor te leggen. Erg inspirerend! Bedank-je!!

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  5. I think you should write in both languages. I understand a bit of your Netherland language and when I read the english version I can see how much I actually understood in the Netherland language. The google translate widget is a good idea, but if people read your blog through the wp app reader the translate widget doesn’t appear. I write my blog in Swedish and English, but not every post is in both languages. I do as I feel for the moment.

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