The ‘We Prefer…’ tag!

Hello there!

It is a while ago when I have done a tag, that is why I tought it would be a lot of fun to this tag: ‘the We Prefer…’

Let’s get started with the tag!

  • What do you prefer: to go on holiday or to stay at home?

    I prefer to stay at home with as little homework as possible (read: no homework at all!), a nice cup of thea and a good book.

    • What do you prefer: a cat or a dog?

    Absolutely the cat! I really LOVE cats! Especially the cute and little ones. Dogs, on the other hand, can be cute as well, but I am really scared of dogs. Yeah, even the smallest dog in the world is scary!

    • What do you prefer: to watch the television or to go outside and get some fresh air?

    Honestly, I really like going outside, but only if it doesn’t rain and only if there isn’t too much sun. Oh, and when it isn’t too cold outside. When it is cold I like to watch Netflix, but when it is hot I like to swim.

    • What do you prefer: to go to a date in a dress, or to go to your date in a jeans? And for boys: to go to a date in a smocking, or to go to a date in comfy clothes?

    I would go to a date dressed in a dress, because in my opinion a date is really special. And you have to shine on your date💎.

    • What do you prefer: to be deaf but not blind, or to be blind and not deaf?

    I would ‘prefer’ (not really…) to be deaf, because your eyesight is the most valuable possession humans have. You wouldn’t know in what kind of world we live and you couldn’t write blogs or read books!

    I am sorry… The last question was really hard! Did you like the tag? What would your answer be? Let me know in the comments! If you want to copy my tag (yes, I ‘invented’ this tag) just tell it in your tag and tag me❤.


    7 gedachten over “The ‘We Prefer…’ tag!

    1. 1. Ik ga heel graag op vakanties, maar kom al even graag terug naar huis. Het moet ook niet te lang duren. 10 dagen vind ik meer dan genoeg, het mag ook minder zijn. (Het hangt natuurlijk ook wel wat van de afstand af).
      2. Ik ben een dierenvriend, maar met 9 katten zal het wel duidelijk zijn wat ik verkies 🙂
      3. Met wat er tegenwoordig maar te zien is op TV, ga ik ook liever een frisse neus ophalen buiten, maar dan moet het weer ook wel gunstig zijn! 😉
      4. Bij een eerste date is het wel belangrijk een goede indruk te maken, dan zou ik ook wel een jurk verkiezen. 🙂
      5. Ogen zijn inderdaad het meest waardevolle bezit! Ik zou het vreselijk vinden om niet meer te kunnen zien!
      Lieve groetjes en slaap lekker


    2. I prefer to go on a holiday. I am a stay at home mom so going on a holiday is a real treat for me. And I love travelling.

      When it comes to pets, I prefer to have them both. I grew up having cats and dogs. We only have a pet dog right now because my daughter’s asthma becomes worst when around cats.

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      1. Wow! Nice you love travelling so much🌎. For me, holiday is a treat, but not to far away an not to long. Nice you love cats and dogs. I only know people who love only one of them. But nowI know you, who loves both❤😍

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