An invasion to an island. I can only pick five make-upbrushes😱🌎!

Hey there!

Today I am going to tell you something about… Make-up!

Imagine: you are walking in your garden, cutting some flowers and just enjoying the sun. Then: an invasion of people. They want to sent you to an island…and you can only pick five make-upbrushes of your make-up stash. You run inside your house and pick…

(What kind of brushes does a girl really need? I am stressing out right now!!)

– Definately a foundationbrush! If you don’t use foundation, you can pick a smaller brush to apply concealer.

-A blush brush! Everyone needs some blush at their cheeks. If you are not a huge fan of blush, you can easily use this brush to powder your face.

(O no! I must keep thinking…thinking…I already have picked two)

-A contouring brush! Big or small, we use it all😂. We can use these brushes for bronzer and contouring. A nose contour always needs a smaller brush. If you are not really into the contouring trick, you can use a nose contourbrush for concealer or eyeshadow.

-An eyeshadowbrush! Eyeshadow is in my opinion definately one of the most fun things to apply in my make-up routine. If you don’t use eyeshadow you can easily use this brush for the higlighting of your eyebrows.

(Only one to go!! This is so hard, I hope it is a fun island, otherwise I… I don’t know. I hate invasions!)

-An eyeliner- and eyebrowbrush! I am not really into the fixing your eybrows…but I really think a lot of people actually are, so that is why it is here. 

Besides these five brushes, did I miss something out? Let me know what your essentials are, in case you could only take as little brushes as possible with you😱.




  1. Ik ben niet zo’n make up persoon, maar vind het wel belangrijk er goed uit te zien en de ogen moeten naar mijn bescheiden mening het mooist zijn en zijn ook het meest opvallende en aansprekende van een persoon en van je gezicht. Ik heb dus maar een brush nodig, Haha… 😉
    Fijne avondgroetjes, Heidi en voor straks, slaap lekker X


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