My favorite dutch beautybloggers!

Hey there!

We all love beauty… At least: I think every person who reads this article loves beauty!

I do and to keep myself up to date with the latest beautytrends, I love to read blogs of beautylovers.

Number one ( I will start with my most favorite beautyblog): VeraCamilla.

In my opinion she writes fantastic stories on her blog and really creates a warm and cozy vibe around her blog. When I am reading her articles I gwt loads of inspiration to try out new make-up looks.

Number two: I really like to read the blog of LotteLovesBeauty.

In my eyes she has a fantastic feeling for colours. She can create amazing looks. Not only nude looks, but also crazy halloween turtorials.

And the last person in my top three: Chelesta de Haas. She is not a big blogger, but the quality of her articles are amazing! She has her own little webshop as well, and I hope she will manage to promote her webshop. 

I like her as a blogger, because her writing- and photographyskills are really good and the subjects are always interesting. 

Don’t worry… Part two will be English or American beautybloggers! So keep track of my blog and don’t forget to like this blogpost (if you liked it!).


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