Amazing lip art!

Hello there!

It is time for some really pretty photo’s from my niche: (outer) beauty. I thought it would probably inspire you and besides it is so much fun to just look at the photo’s and enjoy them😊. I am very curious to know which one is your favorite πŸ’.

Let’s start!

I really like these instagram lips, because the colors are so beautiful and bright. The lines are really sharp and perfect white… Love it!

I really like this photo because it is a glittery rainbow. I really really really LOVE glitters, so I could not leave this one out. Beleave me!

I really liked this photo because at first sight I thought these lips were fake. When I took a secobd look (I really liked the picture), I discovered this was some really advanced lip art!

I love the cute little purple hart! I also really like ombre lips, so this is the perfect combinationπŸ’™.

OMG! Look at all the pretty diamonds or whatever is on the lips. It is so incredibly beautiful!

These flowers are incredibly beautiful made. I really like them. This makes me want to experiment with lipsticksπŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™.

These lips are filled in so and precicely. I think I would love to recreate this one one day😍.

Do you think what I am thinking: Harry Potter! The fine lines are so incredibly steady and beautiful and just look at background with the black ! AmazingπŸ’™.

Look at this eye… Ehh, lips! This is so creative and so real! Eveb with a lot of practice it would be horribly difficult to recreate this one!

This is so much fun! I think if we all do our best, we should be able to recreate this photo. Nice one for a contest isn’t it?πŸ˜‰.

Just remember these photo’s are not mine, but they belong to the (creative) owner. If you want more blogposts like this, let me know in a commentπŸ’™.




  1. Het ziet er allemaal geweldig mooi en artistiek uit! Hoewel ik denk dat er ook wel hier en daar wat photoshop aan te pas is gekomen. Maar het zal wel inspirerend werken voor wie graag doet experimenteren met make up πŸ™‚
    Fijne avondgroetjes, Heidi

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