Eyebrow extensions the new hype?

Hello there!

I recently discovered a new trend. Not many people are using it yet, but there are people in the world who like to have bigger and fuller eyebrows! Pretty AMAZING isn’t it?

Before and after (Disclaimer: not my photo, but the best photo I had been able to find on the internetπŸ’™)
The extensions are looking so fake😣. I think the cover the girl’s natural beauty. In fact, I actually really dislike the second picture. And you, what do you think?πŸ’™

Really: if you already have eyebrows, why would you want to glue little pieces of hair on you eyebrows? I would understand it if you want it in case you don’t have any eyebrows at all, but isn’t this trend going a bit too far? In my opinion it definately is. I am really sorry to say that I won’t be testing it for you guys: when I would remove them I would probably lose all my own eyebrowhair. Currently I am really happy with the color and format of my eyebrows.

This is why I don’t want to glue weird hair on it and change the shape, color and structure. Besides: wearing it won’t be nice… Imagine having a pool party and swimming: when you come out of the water, you don’t have eyebrows any more!

Can’t girls and probably men be happy with themselves and embrace themselves? I can and I do, but can you do it?


Would you use this trend and what is your opinion?




    1. Daar heb je wel gelijk in! Maar ik zou oprecht bang zijn dat ik ze in het zwembad verloor. En als ze dan tegen water zouden kunnen zou ik misschien wel mijn eigen wenkbrauwharen uittrekken bij het verwijderen!😱😨😰. Niet echt mijn ding dus, maar je hebt volledig gelijk❀. Dankjewel voor je reactieπŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™.

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