How to deal with a busy life?

Hello there!
It has been a while since I uploaded a blogpost due to me having a busy school life. At this moment, before I actually have to wake up and learn for my exams, I decided to help every person out by writing a post about how to deal with a busy life.

I will give some serious and helpful tips that will hopefully help you to manage to survive busy periods and help you archieve your goals! Here we go!

  • Make a planning

I am really serious about this one. Although many people think they complete their tasks the fastest by no planning at all, a planning can be really helpfull to set many little goals and deadlines at one day. That does not have to mean that you have to plan every task within certain times, but a simple to do list is a great helper. Just try it for a week and you will see you were way more productive than ever. A little sidenote is that you should not plan more than four tasks a day. Otherwise it will be really disappointing to fail archieving your goals every day!

  • Take a little bit of time to rest or lay down

When you are too busy, there is no chance at all that you will take a little bit of time for yourself to rest, clear your thoughts and do something you like. This does not mean you can rest the whole day, but from time to time it will be really helpfull for preventing your brains to crash and give up the tasks you were so busy with. I advice to write a blogpost on paper, to draw, to cycle, to play a boardgame: everything that has nothing to do with your stress. No phone and no laptop, because they will eventually let you remember the huge amount of mails you needed to answer!

  • Little rewards

At the moment I am learning and I have no short term reward (the long term reward are great marks or probably a higher salary) like a little sweet or a sticker, I am less motivated to complete every task at my planner. Are you thinking of m&m’s? I have them at the moment and they are the ideal reward, because they are small, there are many of them and chocolat makes you happy! Stress obviously does not make us happy. A sticker can be a nice reward as well, because it is always nice to try to collect as much of something you like as possible. I really like stickers!

  • Keep a diary/thoughts book

I have experienced that keeping a diary and writing down your thoughts is really helpful to not having to remember all the tasks you had to do all the time. Make a checklist and you will never forget anything and you will never constantly worry about the things you have to do. When I have to remember all tasks I have to do, my brains are so full that I cannot think of anything else. Write down. Forget. Archieve your goals. Read. Remember. Write down. Empty your brains. This will lead to less stress.

  • Every disappointment is a new chance to improve yourself

Always remember that after a dark day comes a brighter moment. If you did not manage to archieve your goals for that day, it does not matter. What matters is that you have given it your all. What matters is that you have tried. Getting a bad mark can obiously depress you, but if we look at the brighter side: these two mistakes were reading mistakes. Those five for not answering the question itself. Oh! And here are four mistakes because I forgot to learn the last part of the words. This means I will do it way better on the next test, because I now know that if I concentrate and take the time to read the question, my mark will be two points higher! As you can see the mindset makes a big difference. This is just an easy example, but in real life you have to keep looking for solutions. Of cours you do not like bad things and stress, but the only way to survive these busy periods is to go on and be strong. You can do it!

Thank you all for reading this blogpost! Do not forget to give this post a star if it has been helpful for you🍀. Good luck and I hope to see you soon in my next blogpost!




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  1. I just found your blog and I’m not sure if you’ve seen my blog yet! It would be great is you could check it out and maybe even follow it while you’re there! I’m trying to reach 150 followers! Thanks!

    ~Bella /

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  2. Busy life can be difficult to juggle. I have a work party I need to go to tonight. But after this week of work…. I am really exhausted. All of the points you listed are so very important. Thank you!

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