Blogpost ideas #2

Hello there!

Part two of the blogpost ideas has been highly requested and I thought it would be a lot of fun to upload part two today!

If you would like to have a part three as well, don’t forget to request and the next one will appear soon💟! Let’s begin!

  • Writing a blogpost about what equipment you use to make your photos. Is it just your smartphone or do you also use special light to make your photos? Beleave me: too much to write about!
  • Write a ‘what is on my smartphone’ blogpost. It can be so much fun to tell about the apps you installed and the backgrounds you use and it is a lot of fun to read as well!
  • Write a blogpost about your journey to solve a problem. Most of the time people are a little bit lazy. They will enjoy reading the answer without doing research! An easy example is your journey to find the perfect planner.
  • This is also the next idea: make a blogpost or video about how you plan and what you use (markers, sticky notes, etc.)
  • Make a blogpost about something you have crafted. For example a doodle blogpost or a blogpost about knitting etc.
  • Write a blogpost about your ultimate room or house. What would it look like and what range of colors would be used?
  • Make a blogpost about an other blogger. This can be done in so many different ways (interview, review, reblog, my blog😉, etc.) just be creative!
  • Change your blogpost into an inspirational and motivational blogpost. Tomorrow mine will come online. Just take a look and you will get what I mean!
  • Review an app/game/film/youtube channel/etc. It is always fun to read reviews about these subjects. Do not forget to add a conclusion. This helps people to see really quick if they should download or watch it or not.
  • Make your own app and promote it. Describe what you made and why people should download it❤! Give it a try!

If this blogpost has been helpful I would love it if you liked, commented and subscribed!

You can find part one here!!!😍



8 gedachten over “Blogpost ideas #2

  1. Those are great ideas, particularly for someone just beginning a blog. At the moment, I have 2 blogs – has humorous jpgs on Monday, Saturday & Sunday. in between, I share pet-care information and the occasional blog about herbs or DIY projects for pets. The cats, who are author muses share their purrsonal blog at… Mr. M keeps trying to keep the posts about science for kids, as well as his beloved moon and space. Purrseidon is obsessed with water and loves to dig in the garden. One never knows what to expect from that pair.

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