How to… Doodle!

Hello there!

I think you all know that I am a little bit busy with school and that I do not have that much time to write blogposts, although I really want to write a lot! So here we go!☺

A while ago I had the idea to make a blogpost about doodles.

Those cute little drawings you use to decorate your bullet journal or just for you agenda. I did not use any inspiration at all, so it will all be unique and my style. I personally like to draw with a pencil and not with a regular pen or fineliner. I use 2B as a fineliner and add color with regular pencils.

Do not worry: the blogpost won’t be short, because I will make several doodles, so everyone has one that he or she likes!💟!

I will begin with with the easiest one: a cute little book:

Then a doodle of a rainbow:

I know it is not perfect, but it is so much fun to do❤!

Yay! Such a cute doodle!

There is more! The following one is a pencil:

Yay! A doodle MB (mabeautility). It is so much fun to make a doodle of your blog logo:

And last but not least a banner!

And everything together makes a beautiful image:

As you might have seen I have chosen to only work with three colors:

  • Brown
  • Red
  • Yellow

It has been so much fun to do! I recommend to at least try it once💗. If you do not like it: no worries! I have enough blogposts for you to read😙!

Do you want me to draw a specific doodle in the next blogpost? Just leave it in the comments✨!

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    1. That would be so much fun! I am sute you will LOVE to do it! And I would love to see the result 😍☺😗! So if you want you can probably mail it to me, because I am so curious❤! Thank you for leaving a comment!

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