Creating the worst outfits in ‘fashion designer beauty salon’ game!

Hello there!

I came up with an awesome idea for a brand new blogpost! Yay! I will try to create the worst outfits with a fashion app.

If you really want it, I can probably make a part two💙!

This is what the app looks like:

And this is what the app tells us:

As a premier fashion designer, everyone wants to get a chance to wear one of your very own unique dress designs! You need to design a dress that you’re going to show off to the world.
You are going to be debuting one of your new dress designs, and to keep your status as a fashion designer, you know that it’s got to be hot. Take your time to complete the best dress design that suits your taste and shows off how awesome your designs are for everyone to see. Before the big day, you’ll need to relax! A spa treatment is exactly what you need to feel like a million bucks. You can then get a trendy makeup makeover for your big moment. Dress up in your new dress creation to show it off to the world!
How to Play:
• You’re a famous fashion designer
Your newest dress is going to be amazing once you design it
• Before the big debut, take a little time for yourself
• A spa treatment will have you feeling amazing
A new makeup makeover will look smashing with your new dress
• Dress up in your creation to show off
• Time to express yourself to your adoring public!
Download now to try out your fashion skills as a hot dress designer. Your friends will be so jealous when they see the new designs of your fashion designed dress!

That is a lot! Let’s enjoy the game!😍!

The first thing I had to do was the worst one: I had to clean her face: ‘Ugh!’. But it actually was really hard to find out what to do, so that was a little bit crazy, because little kids are supposed to do this and understand this!

In the end… a few minutes later… I finished her! I was ready to go to the next step: dressing up!👕👠👔👗!

This is how you see her the first time and on the right side you see her when I tried to dress her up beautifully:

This absolutely does not look bad at all. I think it is fair to say that I really have to mess things up if I want to combine the clothes to a horrible outfit. Don’t you think?


First two horrible outfits:

The left outfit fails, because the top and the bottom doesn’t fit each other. I have also used a black bag to finish the outfit. I think that was a little bit too much color😂! The glasses are awful and the hat …it looks so horrible!

Then the right outfit: as you might know, yellow and purple absolutely don’t go together. The dress she wears: I have ‘designed’ that one in the fashion studio. I tried to make it look as aweful as possible, but that actually was really hard! You only had one type of dress, but a lot of possibilities. Have I already told you about the red thing she wears on her head? Well, how will I put this…, I honestly don’t know what it is 😅.The colorful bag is really pretty, but doesn’t suit this outfit. I think I already did a great job and I am not finished yet! Here is the second image:

The left outfit contains a super duper weird hat. Although I really like the color, the design sucks. So that is why I chose it to be in the outfit😇. Her necklace also doesn’t match her outfit, because it is too black and too long for the dress which contains a lot of patterns. (Oh, by the way: I designed that dress! Don’t you dislike it😍). The bag is too light for the dress. The bag had to be the same color, or darker. This outfit can’t handle light pink! Ugh!
Then the right one: the glasses and the hat actually match really good. Although they are both aweful. The black boots really mix in with the pastel colors of the coat. I would NEVER wear this!

This was the designer studio. I really tried to make them look aweful, but the results were almost beautiful! Whoa!

I want to make a little side note: this game absolutely isn’t bad at all. Not my type of game, but the idea behind it and the images are really cool! It is not that I try to say that this game is bad, it was just a little challenge👠. To prove this, I gave her a beautiful outfit.
I actually want to challenge YOU! Can you make an outfit that is worse than mine? I hope you try! If you want to you can mail the result to me and it will appear in a blogpost really soon!



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