10 things to do | Obligated holiday :)

Today I will make a list of 10 things to do when you are in isolation. Most of them I have already done or I will be doing soon. So if you would like to have some inspiration to survival your spare time, read along and stay tuned!

Blogpost(s) in English | Flashback

Welcome to a new series of English blogpost. You might be a little confused: about 2 years ago I decided to quit blogging in English and start blogging in Dutch. My very first articles were written in Dutch and then I decided to inspire more people and publish a few articles in English. The audience got bigger and bigger and at a certain point I decided I loved the Dutch language too much to quit blogging in English. Now there is the virus (I know, who does not talk about the virus?) and I have plenty of time to start inspiring you all. ❤

Sun Look | EOTD

Zijn jullie benieuwd naar enkele van mijn favoriete kleuren die ik draag wanneer de zon schijnt? De foto’s zijn zonder flits en met zonlicht genomen, wat erg leuk is. Alleen moet je wel even mijn ietwat samengeknepen ogen door de vingers zien. En mijn oogkleur ziet er in de zon ook nog eens heel speciaal uit!