Blogpost(s) in English | Flashback

Hello lovely fellow bloggers and creative people!

Welcome to a new series of English blogpost. You might be a little confused: about 2 years ago I decided to quit blogging in English and start blogging in Dutch. My very first articles were written in Dutch and then I decided to inspire more people and publish a few articles in English. The audience got bigger and bigger and at a certain point I decided I loved the Dutch language too much to quit blogging in English. Now there is the virus (I know, who does not talk about the virus?) and I have plenty of time to start inspiring you all. <3.

I thougt it might be nice if you shared this blogpost among readers that might want some joy, inspiration or just some distraction. I will try to write at least two English blogposts a week, sometimes even more. At the same time, I will continue to publish at least two Dutch blogposts a week. So there is enough to read for everybody.

First I will start to adres a couple of issues. The first issue is that in the Netherlands, bloggers are getting more impopulair by the day. YouTube it is and this movement continues to grow every day. My conclusion is that bloggers don’t make their articles interesting enough, so why shouldn’t I ask you about what YOU would like to read in these though weeks of self-isolation.

I will give you some examples and you can choose the ones you like and put it in the comments or you can even make up a new one.

(Side note: it does not have to be related to beauty, lifestyle or fashion)

  1. Study tips for self-isolation;
  2. Virus-proof make-up;
  3. Blogging tips for a bigger audience, better blogposts, more joy at blogging;
  4. Stashes (make-up, jewelry);
  5. Lists of favorite products of mine (books, hobbies, …);
  6. List of blogpost-ideas;
  7.  I can write short stories and you can say what you want to happen next;
  8. Guestposts;
  9. Ideas on what to do when you are self-isolated;
  10. Bullet-journaling/ drawings together with you;
  11. Reviewing apps;
  12. Dutch lessons for you :).

I hope to inspire you and together we will be having a really fun time! So stay tuned and make sure to inform your foreign friends that the English articles on this blog are back!

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Thank you all for reading!




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