10 things to do | Obligated holiday :)

Today I will make a list of 10 things to do when you are in isolation. Most of them I have already done or I will be doing soon. So if you would like to have some inspiration to survival your spare time, read along and stay tuned!

Blogpost(s) in English | Flashback

Welcome to a new series of English blogpost. You might be a little confused: about 2 years ago I decided to quit blogging in English and start blogging in Dutch. My very first articles were written in Dutch and then I decided to inspire more people and publish a few articles in English. The audience got bigger and bigger and at a certain point I decided I loved the Dutch language too much to quit blogging in English. Now there is the virus (I know, who does not talk about the virus?) and I have plenty of time to start inspiring you all. ❤