10 things to do | Obligated holiday :)

Hi there, gorgeous people!

Today I will make a list of 10 things to do when you are in isolation. Most of them I have already done or I will be doing soon. So if you would like to have some inspiration to survival your spare time, read along and stay tuned!

  1. Catch up with work
    Okay, so this might be a boring first topic and I agree if you think this should absolutely be on any list but this one. But it can be nice to have some rest in your head, because you will not have to think about all the things you have to do. With a clear mind, it will be easier to focus on fun stuff that will be in this list.
    cat throw away GIF
  2. Read a book
    For me, there is nothing more fun than reading a book. Once I open a book, I have to finish it in one go. I am in a beautiful, creative world inside my head and the story makes it so exciting! So this is one of my favorite activities. Unfortunately, our library has closed, so that is why there will be other activities on the list!
  3. Watch a movie
    Recently, I discovered the movie Divergent. I am in love with the books and even the movie was really beautiful. Although I prefer the books :).
  4. Solve riddles and do puzzles
    You can think of anything that fits in this category. It is fun and it even keeps your brain bussy! Good for when school or work suddenly starts again. You are already warmed up for the game. You go!
  5. Crochet
    This is something with a needle and threat. I recommend to look it up online and you will find out what you are able to create when you have mastered this skill. It is really fun and the best of all: once you are done, you really have something to keep in your hands.
    camera GIF by Lorraine Nam
  6. Dance or do a workout
    There are various online channels to watch when you want to do an energizing workout. And pssst: it really helps you to distract from sitting inside all day long! My danceschool has send me links to dance lessons that I will be able to follow along. I am so grateful for that since dancing is my #1 hobby and passion.
  7. Clean and organize
    Yep, also your makeup stash, shoe stash, pencil case and desk have to deal with your spare time! They won’t escape. How nice would it be to sit in a perfect clean room. I even moved some furniture inside my room and now when I study, I enjoy how I can look outside my window. Oh, and you could clean your computer and phone. The outside and what is inside. A mess. Of photo’s and such. Well, we have time now :).
  8. Full face of makeup and spa at home
    Hell Yeah! We have some time to treat ourselves to a sheet mask, a full face of makeup or to experiment with some perfume we haven’t tried yet. We can even try new makeup trends without the risk of walking around on school or at work like a clown. Or a ridiculous disaster…
  9. Be creative
    Drawing, painting, photographing, filming, etc. Whatever you are able to think of. It is such a nice way to be creative and create something you have never created before. You could even start a bulletjournal or keep a diary. Ideas enough!
  10. Gaming
    It is always nice to play a game. A DS, a game on your phone or just a game with your friends when you use facetime or Skype. All of these are fun and will distract you in a nice way. What games do you like to play? Oh, and probably your cat or dog would fancy some play-time. They will be really grateful!!

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost. Let me know what you have been doing today, because it is nice to share and give others new ideas <3.

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