The ‘future me’ tag

Hello there!

I know it has been a long time ago since I did a tag I created myself, so that was the reason I made this tag.

The tag is about your future and what you would like to tell to yourself when you are ten years older than your age right now. What does the person then needs to know and what do you.. Well let’s start the tag!

  • What do you want your life to look like over ten years?

At that age I want to have a boyfriend and I want to start a little family. I want to have a cozy house in the Netherlands with a fluffy cat. I want to have modern furniture, but not too modern. I want to teach kids at school and I want to be a ballet teacher. I hopefully will have danced in several shows and theatre pieces.

  • What do you want to ask to the future you?

I actually want to ask a lot of questions. For example if I will be happy. Did I graduate? When did I get a boyfriend? What do I look like over ten years: longer or shorter hair and do I still like pink? Will I manage to archieve my short termed goals?

  • What do you want to have her remember?

I want to have her remember that I liked blogging and that I loved pink and that ballet was my life. And that I NEVER want to stop with ballet. That I think life will become easier.

  • Where do you think she will live?

I think she will still be in the Netherlands, but I honestly do not know where and I do not care where😉💙.

  • What do you think she will miss the most about your life now?

Probably my flexibility or huge fantasy or probably school?! Or living together with my parents etc.☺😘

  • What do you think she will be happy about she does not have any more what is present in your life?

I think that definately is homework and school and tests! Really easy this one!

Thank you all for reading this blogpost! Make sure to fill in the tag on your blog (so much fun it will be to read this over 10 years!), mention my blog and click on the star below⭐!




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